10-May-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
Sasha is a retired older kitty ready to just enjoy her golden years. *She likes to watch the sunrise and then bathe in all its glory *Plays with toys when it suits her *Observes the other commotion in the house with amusement *Is affectionate when she feels like being loved, its best to let her come to you. *Can be vocal and talkative, really enjoys her regular people, but doesnt mind guests *S...
9-May-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
*Tess is a good beginner cat *perfect emotional support cat *she can be pet for hours *tolerates being held for a long period of time *enjoys the company of humans to no end *definitely a lap cat *playful w/toys *likes to cuddle and sleep on her humans at night *ok w/dogs that are nice to cats *not ok w/cats because she is dominant *good w/kids If interested please contact: XXXX@yahoo.com or 84...
11-May-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
Jimmy boy is a beautiful catty cat that enjoys being around the hustle and bustle of the home life. He is vocal and will meow at you for attention but he also loves going off and resting on his own when he wants to relax. Jim bob enjoys being brushed and knows how to open kitchen cabinets. I'd say he is a clever feline. He is good with other cats and dogs, although he can hiss when he feels cro...
10-May-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
*very playful w/toys & other cats *likes to snuggle w/his friends *he may act scared but loves his ears and behind scratched *skittish at 1st but does relax *enjoys climbing cat trees, ladders and other furniture *meows when you make his food from excitement *runs away like a cartoon character when frightened *nice w/dogs & cats *older mature kids Contact us at: XXXX@yahoo.com or cal: 847338XXXX
11-May-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
Marshy is a beautiful cream colored shorthair domestic tabby kitten. He came from a litter of four skittish kittens that were strays and so he is still learning to trust other humans but progress is seen everyday. He loves to play with toys and with other cats. He enjoys being with dogs that are polite as well. Marshy is a tad timid but enjoys wandering the house and running around like a gallo...
10-May-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
*very curious, mischievous & fast *will bat you w?his paw for attention then run off cuz he's so shy *very food motivated *super playful w/his kitty pals & toys *enjoys watching you clean or hang around & lounge *likes to grab hands & feet that hang out from under covers *skittish but learning to slow down *needs older children because young childrenmay scare him Call or email with questions 84...
6-Jun-2018Kenosha, WI(14 miles)Cats for Sale
Draya and Raven are 4 mon old black beauties! These girls are DOMESTIC SHORTHAIRS, with brilliant gold eyes, are spayed, have their claws, mircochipped, and up to date on vaccines. Theirs is a sad story. They were found sitting in the middle of the road; their mother had been killed by a car. They were sick and covered in fleas, but they are now healthy, thriving, and ready to start a new happy...
6-May-2018Barrington, IL(20 miles)Cats for Sale
This sweet boy came to us from a high kill shelter along with his buddy Dipper. He is so happy to be out of a cage and in a home that he purrs nonstop. He is extra lovable and loving. He loves to be near you and to play with a feather or string. He is a typical no drama, chilled out male cat. He would be so lovable to have as a pet, and he would love to have a family of his own! Please email XX...
6-Jun-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
Smokey is a medium longhair tabby that looks like a miniature Siberian. He was part of a litter of four boys that are fearful and still learning to trust humans. Smokey enjoys being around other cats and playing he is very social with the other animals. He likes dogs too as long as they are not up in his face. He enjoys follows humans around the house and watching all the commotion, You could s...
6-Jun-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
*very wonderful, friendly and rambunctious *loves jumping and zipping around feeling the freedom of his space *enjoys being around other pets and friendly dogs. Please call: 847-338-XXXX or email: XXXX@yahoo.com
6-Jun-2018Silver Lake, WI(19 miles)Cats for Sale
HOWIE and HALEY -COURTESY POST -Illinois Howie & Haley Bio: are 5 yrs old and up to date on shots. Both are very healthy & excellent with litterbox habits, and like to play with toys & other friendly cats. This sibling pair is looking for a home t...
Gemma is a female tortie. She arrived with her badly injured almost feral mother and what appeared to be at least 2 litters of kittens that mom was protecting. Mom didn't make it, but she got her little ones off to a nice start. All of Gemma's litt...
6-Jun-2018Grayslake, IL(7 miles)Cats for Sale
Spark Plug (about 2-3 yrs old as of February, 2018) is a neutered male brown tabby and white short haired cat. Spark Plug was caught during a trapping in Beach Park in 2017, a very friendly boy but completely blind and with a bad wound on his leg th...
6-Jun-2018Hawthorn Wds, IL(15 miles)Cats for Sale
Henry is just a adorable little baby boy, he was born on 4-1-18. He was found in the city of Chicago all alone, cold, starving, and looking for love. Henry is a confident boy, who is obsessed with dogs, he has three foster dog siblings and he loves them all...
6-Jun-2018Hawthorn Wds, IL(15 miles)Cats for Sale
Maple is a wonderful little girl who was born on 4-1-18. She was found in the trunk of a tree when she was only three weeks old, her mom left and did not come back. Maple and her siblings have been in foster care since they were three weeks old, so they love peo...
6-Jun-2018Hawthorn Wds, IL(15 miles)Cats for Sale
This is Trout. Trout is a loving precious little eight week old kitten. She is a big fan of being on you either napping or soaking up some love. Trout loves to play with her cat siblings and even likes to hang out with her foster sibling dogs. This little gi...
6-Jun-2018Hawthorn Wds, IL(15 miles)Cats for Sale
Tuna is a hilarious little boy, he is eight weeks old and looking for his perfect forever home. This boy loves to sit and nap on your shoulder, thinks he is part parrot and he is happiest sitting on your shoulder all day or night. This little guy will st...
6-Jun-2018Hawthorn Wds, IL(15 miles)Cats for Sale
10-May-2018Vernon Hills, IL(9 miles)Cats for Sale
Meet Penelope! Penelope is very friendly, but is weary of new people, places, and things. She likes to be in her comfort zone where she feels safe and confident, so she is timid when encountering something new. In time, Penelope learns to trust and you will see her cuddly and playful side. She would do best with a patient owner that will help her gain confidence in her surroundings so her true ...
9-May-2018Island Lake, IL(19 miles)Cats for Sale
Little Mystic has the most gorgeous piercing green eyes. When he peeks out of a corner their shine is often times the only thing you see. Mystic is a calm, relaxing buddy. He enjoys lounging and hopping throughout the house. Always seeking out a new adventure. He enjoys his kitty and doggy pals and gets along well with them. People can sometimes take him longer to warm up to but he comes around...
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