13-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
VTX 1300C Cast wheels, dual exhaust with shorty pipes, a tank-mounted speedometer and street-rod looks are what define the incomparable style of Honda's VTX1300C, while a beefy, 1,312 cc V-twin is what defines its soul. Choose between lustrous Black, Dark Red, Pearl White or Pearl Blue paint schemes, capped by gleaming, fender-to-fender chrome, and you'll know what it's like to be the center of...
13-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
CTX 700N Meet Your New Favorite Bike Part of the new CTX series, the CTX700N offers a laid-back riding position with more forward-set hand controls and footpegs, and a low 28.3-inch seat height.
13-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
2005 Honda VTX1300R
12-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
VTX 1300R The "R" stands for "Retro," and everything about the VTX1300R says classic, old-school cool. Custom cast wheels. Long, pullback handlebar and deep-dish seat. Dual exhaust with slash-cut pipes. New black faced tank-mounted speedometer. Buckets of chrome. And, of course, the mighty 1,312 cc V-twin that makes this whole show go.
12-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
VTX 1300R (VT1300R) The VTX1300R has everything you would expect in a retro motorcycle. Cast wheels. Dual exhaust with custom-looking short pipes. And crisp tank-mounted instruments and gauges. Not to mention an impressive 1312cc V-twin making it sound as good as it looks.
11-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
CTX 700N DCT ABS (CTX700ND) A Great Bike, Pure and Simple. Motorcycles, especially cruisers, have always been about individuality. But a lot of today s cruisers end up looking like they all came from the same mold. Not the CTX series from Honda we took the best parts of the cruiser idiom (laid-back seating, forward-set pegs, torque-rich twin-cylinder engine that you don t have to rev for power)...
11-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
2000 Honda Shadow Sabre
11-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
2003 Honda VT750 SPIRIT
9-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
The Look, the Sound, the Feel, the Fury Witness the Fury hands down, the most distinctive custom Honda has ever created. Long, lean and mean, stretching nearly six feet from axle to axle, this machine literally screams with chopper style. And once you ve saddled up and fired that big 1,312 cc V-twin, and felt its throbbing pulse beneath you, you ll know you ve experienced a motorcycle like none...
8-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
Interstate (VT13CT) Progressive Style For The Open Road A cool, custom bike. The open road. And a week off. Does life get any better? Maybe if that bike s a Honda Interstate. With the Interstate you get the best of all worlds. For cruising or everyday riding, the Interstate has a clean, progressive style, plenty of motor and a look that s going to make a big impression everywhere you ride. But ...
8-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
Gold Wing World-class power, athletic handling and unmatched touring features make the 2003 Gold Wing the touring motorcycle standard of the world.
8-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
Shadow RS (VT750RS) Here's rolling proof that classic ideas never go out of style: the 2010 Honda Shadow RS. This agile and responsive V-twin roadster has clean, crisp lines and standard-style riding ergonomics that promise plenty of fun times ahead. The Shadow RS's higher pegs enhance ground clearance, and its thoroughly modern liquid-cooled 745 cubic-centimeter V-twin engine with Honda's soph...
3-Nov-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
VTX Retro 1300 (VTX1300S) Descended from the 1800cc VTX that turned the world of V-twin cruisers on its ear, hails this retro-style machine bound for boulevard glory. Meet the 2004 VTX: every ounce the bad boy as its big VTX brother, in a more affordable, 1300cc, retro-styled package. Get ready to rumble. Note: California version meets CARB 2004 emissions standards.
31-Oct-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
VTX 1800C Somebody's got to build the most extreme motorcycle on the entire planet. That's why we make the awesome Honda VTX -a 1795cc V-twin that will rock your world and send everything else slinking back to the garage. Got what it takes to ride one?
27-Oct-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
You've Never Seen a Shadow Like This The first time you lay eyes on the Shadow Phantom, it s impossible to keep yourself from staring. Gawking, really. And wishing you had one in your garage. After all, this is the most unique Shadow we ve ever made, an utterly stunning head-turner with its blacked-out 745 cc V-twin engine and black rims sporting matte silver highlights, bobbed fenders, spoke w...
24-Oct-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
Something Old, Something New Introducing the 2010 Honda Stateline. Call it the perfect fusion of traditional and progressive cruiser design, featuring all the classic cues that make the Fury and Sabre so cool, plus a few twists that are decidedly neo-retro, like deep, long fenders. The brawny 1,312 cubic-centimeter liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 52-degree V-twin is a thing of beauty, too, with sm...
24-Oct-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
Shadow Sabre From the dynamic color combinations and the chrome front fork to the perfectly sculpted rear fender, this machine is bold. With almost 1100 cc of V-twin muscle on it's 572 pound frame, one ride will be enough to prove that the Shadow Sabre performs as good as it looks. Note: California version differs slightly due to emissions equipment.
22-Oct-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
2004 Honda VTX1300S
21-Oct-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
CBR 600RR Like the bigger CBR 1000RR, the CBR 600RR is proof of how good a sportbike can be. On the track or street, there s simply no better 600-class bike, as back-to-back AMA FX titles and "Best Middleweight Supersport" crowns from industry experts attest. Weight, performance, horsepower, handling this MotoGP-bred machine is packed with the features that set Hondas apart.
21-Oct-2018Wauconda, IL+18 milesATVs for Sale
DN-01 (NSA700A) Honda's stunning new DN-01 is in a class of its own the world's first crossover bike. Styled like a sportbike, but offering Honda's radical new HFT Transmission, it's an automatic unlike anything you've ever seen. You can shift it into six preset ratios, or you can let it function as a stepless, no-shifting Constantly Variable Transmission, or CVT. The DN-01 is a perfect choice ...
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